Friday, September 5, 2008

Toronto - The Land of Very Good Looking Guys

Let me say first off, unfortunately I have no photos of said good looking guys. I was so shocked by their plentitude that I didn't even think to take pictures of them. I did try and follow one or two, except Nat pulled me back. Oh well. Plus I wouldn't want to seem like a creepy stalker.

It was a wonderful weekend. My new car (on it's first road trip) did fabulous. We made the whole round trip, over 400 miles, on about 1 tank of (really) expensive gas.

Friday: Our road trip started with a little rain, but cleared up by early afternoon. It was me and Nat, some great music and the open road. A traveler's dream. We arrived in downtown Toronto right in the middle of Friday rush hour. Good thing Nat was driving, fearless as she is. There are so many pedestrians it's a wonder any cars make it through intersections. We found the hotel, but didn't know where to park. This was our first adventure. We went in a few circles trying to navigate the one way streets to get back to a parking structure we spotted. Just when we gave up on turning left and got into the right hand lane, the next 5 streets would be "no right turn." After checking into the hotel, the clerk told us to move our car ASAP because where we parked was really expensive so after quickly changing clothes, we got back in the car. The 35 mins we were parked there cost $20.

Normally, I am good at reading a map. The map to get to another cheaper parking garage which involved only 3 turns. Somehow I got ahead of myself on the map and so we did a few more circles. Front St and Yonge St we got to know really well. We did end up in the right place (which from 5 pm Friday to 10 am Sunday only cost $29. Thank you Mr. hotel clerk!)

Then we spent an hour walking (in circles again) around the city until the conference started. This is when I really started to notice all the good looking men!

At 7:30 the convention center started rockin'. It was very hot and humid, especially with jeans on. (This is important for later.) And for the next few hours, we sang and danced and soaked it all in. For those who may not know, Hillsong is a church in Sydney, Australia. Hillsong United is made up of members of their worship team. They have a large influence in the christian market all over the world.

Saturday: We slept in as long as we could in the morning and trudged our way back to the convention center. Today I wore shorts and a t-shirt, except apparently they figured out how to turn on the AC and put it at sub-zero. It was soooooooo coooold in there. We did our best to stay warm. I was thankful for lunchtime, so I could get outside and warm up.

This is when we discovered something very interesting about Toronto. Most of the businesses, including fast food type restuarants were closed. On a Saturday afternoon. Lunch choices were basically Tim Hortons or a roach coach on the side of the road. Neither one seemed very appetizing to me. We ended up at Tim Horton's, just in case you wanted to know.

I just read thru this post and realized that it's incredibly boring. I'll try and end your misery quickly.

If you want to see christians behaving badly, just watch them in a line waiting for good seats to worship God. It was insane, people cutting in line and not caring, others getting overly frustrated by the situation wanting justice. It's like line-rage. Ok, in reality all people are like this, I just happen to think people trying to live like Christ should act differently than the rest of the people in the world. The experience was a little hard for me to shake off. At the same time, we were able to meet and laugh with the people around us in the line. That part was fun.

The trip home was beautiful and uneventful. Monday I was so worn out that I stayed on my couch like a zombie. Thus endth the boring-ness.


colette said...

i enjoyed the post thank you very much! that pic of you and natalie is so cute! love you tia~

LaureN said...

ha! ya'll call it a roach coach too. i thought we only had roach coaches HERE.
love the bloggin T
yay for mr. hotel clerk. hot damn that is some expensive parking!