Monday, October 26, 2009


Friday night -inside and warm

Saturday morning on the boat

I survived...

13.1 miles later I am still breathing to tell about it. Ok - there was really no doubt that I would finish, it's just would I be happy with how I finished. And I was. The weather could have been a bit more cooperative. Friday when we got there the weather was so nasty, the ferries weren't even running - 12 foot waves out on the lake! I had every one I knew praying for better weather. By Saturday morning it wasn't raining so hard but it was drizzly and very cold... 40 degrees... Brrrr...

This is how far we wanted to run

While we are still happy and excited

Waiting for the start

And we're off

While we were waiting to start my sister realized her mp3 player was dead. It was not a happy moment when she realized she would have to run the whole thing without tunes. At the halfway point when I saw my dad and Judy, I gave my mp3 player to them for my sister so she could run the last half with music and I would run the second half without. Except the goober didn't take it - so we both suffered in silence... alas.... for the last 6 miles.

Then I ran and ran. Along the lakeshore, up through trails, over wet leaves, through mud and horse crap, up hills and down hills, (even had 30 seconds of sun where I looked upand smiled knowing people were praying for that sun!) until that glorious moment of crossing the finish line.

It looks like I'm walking across the finish - but I swear I ran

So happy to be done

Then I wanted to lie down and die - except that it was too wet and cold to. Then I got the chills - even with a clean dry shirt on I proceeded to shiver for the next 2 hours while we waited for the boat to take us back to the mainland. As we waited to load onto the boat, it started to rain on us. Then for the rest of the day, guess what? The sun was out. Sunday was equally prefect. Couldn't we have sped up the weather 24 hrs for the race?

The Winners (in our own minds)

Inquiring minds want to know if I am going to do it again next year??? I told my sister she needed to pick a race where hypothermia isn't a concern and a boat ride isn't required :-)

Overall - it was a good weekend. I got to be with my sister and accomplish something I've worked hard towards. My family and friends were there in person and in spirit to support me.

On the way back through town we saw these shirts in the store window and knew we needed to get them. Of course dad had to initially ante up the funds cause neither of us brought money. Yes, I realize the shirt is pink. For this one occasion I put aside my pink prejudices.

the family agrees - the answer is interchangable

There are more photos - of the island itself and some artsy (the more interesting ones)- over on the photo blog. So please stop over there and take a look.


Lauresa said...

I am so proud of you, Girl! Nice Finish.

Misty said...

You are so awesome, Tia. Good job! Good for you...