Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Thought Thursday

Probably no one cares too much about the things that make me happy and smile, but they make me happy and smile. Sometimes you just need those simple thoughts as a pick me up. So here's round two of my happy thoughts.

· little boys in suits

· taking funny photographs

· listening to or playing guitar

· "Tia" blue

· nicknames (my sister and I have been known to call each Fremont and Clyde, although we have no idea how it got started)

· printed socks

· foreign accents (especially when having Dr. Seuss read aloud)

· flipflops

· having your hair played with

· being sung to sleep

· compliments

· pajamas at breakfast

· the "snuggle right in" feeling

· making snow angels

· sprinkles (or jimmies if you prefer)

· snow lined trees

· church bells

· flying a kite

· wild roses over a cottage door

· a sharp pencil

· feeling devastatingly feminine (on the extreme odd occasion this happens)

· old childhood books

· chipmunks

· singing around a piano

· a dream box

· sand dollars

· peeling elmers glue off your hand

· the moonlight on snow

· playing in the rain

· hot chocolate & marshmallows

· blazing fireplaces

· hot, gooey chocolate chip cookies

· pop-up books

· a 3 yr olds imagination

· Popsicles (cherry is my favorite)

· reading outside on a blanket in the autumn sun

· moccasins

· Strawberry Shortcake dolls (I can smell them right now)

· Smurfs

· The Muppets

· Life is Beautiful

· sign language

· Ann of Green Gables

· a small act of grace

· sleeping on the beach

· Mr. Wizard

· La Campanella

· stone fireplaces

· sharing a banana split

· the smell of baby powder

· people who understand there's a lot to you

· azure skies

· snow-capped mountains

· butterflies

· finger painting

· reading to a child

· penny loafers w/ pennies

· Rice Krispie Treats

· apple cider & donuts at the orchard

· Christmas carols

· sea spray

· eclipses

· meteor showers

· My Fair Lady

· waltzing

· ice cream & french fries

· believing in miracles

· Life saver sparks in the dark

· Dairy Queen

· baby's breath

· Dopey

· Rodger's & Hammerstein's Cinderella

· fireflies

· Oreo cookies

· squooshing ice-cream sandwiches

· Little Women

· sand castles

· watching it snow

· smell of freshly cut grass

· ivied walls

· large groups singing accapella

· Greenwich Village

· freckles

With a list like that, how could I not be happy right now!!


Broken said...


Sadie said...

I love LOVE this list. and this activity. more happy thoughts, i say. you lost me at strawberry shortcake, smurfs and muppets, but we met back up at life is beautiful and especially reading to a child and accapella. not that you needed my approval for these things to make you happy ;) Hope you're having a good weekend!

JD said...

I asbolutely *love* this list!!!!!! Oh, the smiles it brought to my face too!

I love popsicles too, but my fav flavor is grape. Then again, I haven't met a popsicle flavor I didn't like... hee hee!

I chuckled at the one about being feminine, or the rare occasion it happens. Uhm, yeah -- that'd be me.

What a wonderful idea... and you're right, hard not to be happy when we realize how full the world is of things that bring joy to our heart.

Lauresa said...

I didn't realize I missed this post...gosh. I love this list, and each happy thought. Great idea-Maybe, we should make this a Thursday thing?