Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Broken Glass - Part I

Have you ever walked on broken glass?

Not pretty round translucent pebbles. Not the ocean softened edged sea glass. We’re talking - slam the wine glass, vase, *insert your glass of choice* here in multiple quantities. Or worse yet a mirror that reflects you back to you. The thing is - you have to step carefully. If the pressure falls on the dull edge, it’s a bearable pain, an ache. But step on the sharp edge... it hurts. The danger in that is there is always the risk of getting cut, the risk of bleeding, and the risk of feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand. What’s that? You don’t think you want to try it…

Don’t we all walk on broken glass? It’s the path of humanity in relationship. It’s the path of love. Sacrificial, gut-wrenching, carry one another’s burdens love.

Sometimes these relationships are ours by circumstances – an autistic child, a mother with cancer, an absent or abusive father, a demanding boss and the list goes on and on. Sometimes though, the opportunity to traverse the shards is placed in front of us and we have a choice. Yes, it is an opportunity – an opportunity to be strength for the weak, to encourage, to be Jesus to someone, to grow, and most importantly an opportunity to love. It’s your choice. Walk across or turn around and walk away…

I have found that glass walking can do one of two things. It can make one’s feet more sensitive and understanding. Those who see the broken paths we are all walking. But some become cold and calloused. They lose the ability to feel the sharpness of the pain beneath them, sometimes not even a slight discomfort. They are insensitive to the people around them. Perhaps they will walk away and won’t even know they’ve left.

I pray today that my feet would be sensitive to the pain, my heart would be open to love and I would have the courage to keep walking. Sometimes the trek across the glass is short and quick, other times the end does not appear in sight.

How far are you willing to walk on broken glass?


Broken said...

Thank you for walking across the glass with me. I love you

Lauresa said...

Bravo. Dear Friend. You have a gift with words; your transition rocks! Thank you for your time sensitive (to me) post.
My Love.

Julie said...

Oy. Thanks, I needed that.