Sunday, October 18, 2009

Broken Glass - Part II

God does not delight in the brokeness, but He does use it for His glory.

I have prayed much this week about walking on broken glass. Admitting there are places where I fall short and need some training and growth. There are fears about getting hurt. Times it feels uncomfortable. Jesus is the ultimate example and he walked right up and onto a cross. With that measuring stick... boy have I got a long way to go.

Even today while this post was rattling around in my brain. I was telling someone close to me about part one and she flat out asked me 'if I believed that we are supposed to carry one another's burden, why don't I do that for her?' And it left me wondering if I have picked and chosen my own times and places to walk on broken glass? Or perhaps does God know us so well He gives us certain times and places to put ourselves out there and take the risk while keeping us from others when He knows we might not make it across?

Again, God does not delight in our brokeness. He desires to make us whole and holy people who have perfect communion with Him. As we walk in the paths He has given us, whether it be across a desert span, through the waters or on top of broken glass - He is ever refining His image in us.

With each step, the glass shifts. The uncomfortable pressure shapes the shards. Our tears, emotions and heart felt prayers leave a stain.

We don't understand. We're too close to see.

But God - the magnificient creator He is - sees what it is to become. His work of art... for His glory. Once we've made it across, we look back and marvel.....

Broken glass into beautiful reflection of Him.

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