Saturday, August 11, 2012

Geocaching Adventures

“Some guys like a girl who gets dirty.”  
(me on the hike back from a cache)

If that’s what you like, then welcome to my geocaching experience.

I had been exposed to geocaching back in May in the OBX with my fun and fearless bestie. While that was sort of like Intro to Algebra – these 2 weeks were like AP calculus!

Here are some words to describe the adventures…

Sweaty, grimy, soaking wet from head to toe, eaten alive by mosquitos, poked & scratched, thorns and pine needles, mud, cemetery, determination, stealth, and plenty of memories…. All for a piece of paper to sign.

Yep, I’m that crazy.  Not for the paper but for the challenge and the adventure and mostly the company.

If you’ve never experienced what I am talking about you’ll just have to get out and try it… now that I’ve done such a great job of selling the idea to you. 

The things is, I’ve never been good at finding things. Not change on the ground or the puzzle piece that fits right in ‘that’ spot. I didn’t think I’d be any good at this either. And truth is… in a sense, I’m not. The easy ones are usually the ones someone else sees first. They just bring me along for those calculus ones where someone thought hard about how and where to hide the bugger. Those cachers who are really crazy. I apparently know how to think like a crazy person ;)

In 2 weeks, we found around 50 caches – most of them moments, memories, views and places I will carry with me for years.

I think I passed the test!

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