Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh Canada! I'm back...

I took a much, MUCH needed 2-week vacation and went back to Canada to hang out with my bestie and her kiddos for some summer adventures.

The one thing I planned for the trip was a boat trip to see puffins on a protected island where they breed a couple months a year. This is one of the few things on my bestie’s bucket list and with everything she’s been going through this year, I was so excited to be able to give her this gift.

Once we got our campsite set up, we took off to see if we could find a flock of sheep.

It was already getting dark when we started our hike and the fog was rolling in. After hiking for well over a half hour our GPS showed us no closer to these elusive “sheep”. With the fading light, intense terrain, muddy ground, and rustling from unknown animals in the bushes, we were forced to turn back. At least it was a good workout for the day.

We drove out to this lighthouse in the fog before heading back to our campsite.


Sometime in the early morning hours it began to rain and thunder. Despite all the planning and excitement about the puffins…

Mother Nature had other plans and our trip was cancelled. TWICE. The day we rescheduled for also got rained out.

Still we got to enjoy some of the beauty of Grand Manan island for a couple hours and comb the beach for some sea glass.


On the way home, we took a little detour to St. George to check out this beautiful pictureseque old mill.

One thing I love about my trips to Canada is there is a great mix of my friend sharing her favorite places with me and the two of us discovering new places together. There were still many more adventures to come on this trip.

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