Sunday, August 12, 2012

Now You're Going Where??

Thanks to our United Airlines nightmares adventures last fall, we had some free dollars to spend on flights this year (a whole new adventure… stay tuned). Due to various limitations this year and the fact that the Ghana project was immense, we decided to serve on a smaller scale this year.

Where:   Haiti

When:   Mid- November

Length:   4 days 

The Project:   Funding the repairs/rebuilding of a home for a family in desperate need

The Cost:  We are estimating the cost of the project between $800-$1000. Plus an additional $1000 for our travel and in country expenses. We know that God will provide exactly the right amount just like he did for Ghana.

I must confess that this isn’t a trip I would have picked on my own. Send me pretty much anywhere in Africa and I’ll be packed in minutes. I sorta know what to expect there. I have an idea of where the dangerous places to avoid are. Haiti? I know nothing and due to the absolute poverty of the whole country there is very little I can do in the way of preplanning. No pre-booked hotel rooms or rented vehicle to pick us up.

This trip feels different. This trip isn’t really about me serving, it’s about me being stretched.

This trip is ALL about faith. It is learning to let go of my control and simply lean back and rely on His. For 4 days, I will trust him to keep me safe. I will trust him with my emotions. I will trust Him to lead me to the places and people He wants me to learn from… to see what He needs me to see.

Please be in prayer for this trip, our safety, and for the fundraising. We only have a few short months to plan and raise the funds necessary to make improvements to the house for this family and restore hope and dignity. If you feel led to contribute, please use the paypal button at the end of this post or on the sidebar. If you do not have paypal and still wish to contribute, leave a comment and I will send you information on ways you can help. Donations are tax deductible.

Even more than that, will you pray for my heart between now and when we leave.

(and happy 250th post to me)

Donations through the paypal button go directly into our project (Worldwide Relief of Children in Captivity)fund at Interlink Ministries.

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