Thursday, December 17, 2009

Maybe this is for you

Ever since the letter post I have felt nudged to post this note. I have no idea why, but today when I was doing dishes and it popped into my head again I knew I needed to post it.

To my dearest little treasure

How unfortunate that you will never truly know or understand how much you have enriched countless moments for me here, and beautified countless days, offerred me countless smiles that melted my heart into tiny little drops of joy, made the whole world go away with countless embraces of such warmth and love that it nearly hurt to let go. and so I can't imagine anything more painful than feeling that I destroy you so often and so thoroughly, given how strongly I feel about you, given how much I love you and care about every single emotion that passes through your little heart. It kills me to think that, in my efforts to help and heal and love and give, I so often hurt and obliterate and crush and take from my endlessly selfless flower.

volim te
oci kao polu mjesec

(translation: I love you half moon eyes forever)

to be continued??? maybe???


JD said...

The way you write captures my heart and leaves me breathless.

Such pure words... Such insight into your heart. What a precious gift...

I love you!

Erin said...

Wow. So beautiful and contemplative. Wow.