Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Night Lights

I love football. My sister and I, we were raised to love football. We were raised to know which teams to root for (Michigan) and which were the one's you always root against (Ohio State). Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy watching a good game, because frankly I just don't do it. I don't turn my TV on and watch 'the game.' Besides it's far less enjoyable when you are by yourself.

My friend, she does not love football. Yet her 3 boys all play and have for a number of years. When they first started, she knew nothing about the game at all. Not how many points a touchdown was or what a field goal was. Her life in the fall is football consumed. Case in point, I got a necklace of a bird.

After having noticed it, she walked up closer and said, "Oh.... it's a wing. I thought it was a football."

Last night, on a perfect fall football watching weather night... I agreed to accompany my friend to her oldest son's high school football game. It's been YEARS since I've been to a high school game. Within minutes I remembered how easy it is for me to get into the game.

And my friend... I think her mind is focused elsewhere (like nursing school, as it should be). She couldn't remember her son's number. She defintely knew more about what was going on than that first year, but still isn't quite up on all the points and rules and such. She asked for reassurance that a field goal was 3 points and was amazed I knew what intentional grounding was.

Let me side note here so you don't think I am being rude and slamming my friend. I love who she is. And I am fully aware that not everyone even wants to know all the ins and outs of football.... or anything else for that matter. And I might be completly stupid about something she is passionate about, like nursing. Disclaimer over.

We sat in front of some dads. You know the ones that coach from the stands and think the kids can hear them. But they were hilarious, not the mean, nasty kind. My favorite line from the night was when one of our players was down. Someone said, "He's hurt, but he made a good play." Men. The battle wound is worth it... Cracked me up.

Apparently her son's team hasn't played well so far this season, but they were playing quite well during the first half. Everyone was excited that they might win this game. And it was the quarterback's 18th birthday to boot.

With about 2 mins left in the game the score was 17 to 10, our favor. The other team was about midfield with 3rd and 10. The pass was incomplete, but they got called for interference. 15 yards closer and another shot for the other team. We manage to push them back and now they have 3rd and 20. AND THEY GET THE FIRST DOWN! Then they go on to score the touchdown and get the 2 extra points. With 1:38 left, it is now 18-17.

Everyone is into now. We can still win.

And then...

they throw and interception and the other team scores another touchdown.

Still over a minute left.
A touchdown & point would tie it.
Even the announcer said his heart couldn't take much more.

But they fell apart. Literally. False start. Snap over QB's head.
And the game was over.
And boys with heads hung walked back to their bus.

And I remember that with the game there is excitement when you think you might win and defeat doesn't feel so good. In the end... it's still just a game.

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Courtney said...

I think we're going to have to get your head checked... Michigan. Sigh.