Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whale Watching - Best B-day Part IV

Who knew beautiful clear sunny days in New Brunswick would cause high winds that postponed our whale watching adventure for several days in a row. Finally... we got to go. The weather was still perfect too.

In order to get to our tour boat, we had to take the ferry to Grand Manan Island. We sat up top, let the wind blow our hair and listened to these adorable French kids (from actual France) chase each other around because there was a shark. A whale was even spotted from the ferry. But I was praying for better.

Confession: After trying to take photos and missing most of the whale. I gave up. The whale shots that follow were all taken by JD.

View from the ferry as we left for Grand Manan

Tail! I wonder who sits and tries to match these things.

Phew! Who had the krill for lunch?

A little TOO close. The boat got out of the way pretty quickly.

I informed JD of all the correct whale body part terms and bombarded her with tid-bit whale facts the whole afternoon.

After all the sun and fresh air, I was pretty tired.
I had really wanted to see a whale breach. Apparently one did - on the other side of the boat. This was my 3rd whale watch and I have yet to see that. But this one was still the best. The humpbacks did put on quite a show. And something to look forward to for the next time... I hope.

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JD said...

Already looking forward to our next one, a whale and puffin combo, what could be better?

Loved, loved, loved, loved this day with you, surrounded by your fav color... BLUE!