Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hopewell Rocks - Best B-day Part III

On one of the many bright sunshine-filled days we went to Hopewell Rocks. On the way there the kids were a little fiesty so we decided to play 20 questions. Everyone had a good time with it. But really.... who picks a POTTERY WHEEL as their object?? We couldn't figure that one out even after a 100 questions. Josh's RUBBER BAND was the best one. Oh... and I can't forget the giant cows we stopped by that the kids climbed and named Big Bob and Little Bob.

Hopewell Rocks has the highest tides in the world as 100-billion tonnes of salt-water slowly fills the Bay of Fundy. We got there a couple hours after high tide so the waters are already receding. But take note of where the water is when we arrived.


While waiting for the tide to go out, Jillian and I took a walk further down the beach and found this spot. We practiced our rock skipping for a little bit.

The rock skipping beach

Keep your eye on the arch

Jillian found this snail. It was apparently not shy.

And now.... just an hour or so later, we are standing in the archway.
Walking on the ocean floor.

Feeling the water
Another great day. The beauty of nature was abundant here. I could feel the majesty and creativity of God surrounding us, from the massive rocks, to water which comes and goes on schedule never waivering, to a tiny snail, and rocks that fly across water. Peace. Peace was in this place.

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JD said...

I don't know of anyone who would think of a pottery wheel... *cough*sheepish*grin*cough*

Love the memories created that day, love God's creativity and beauty all around, and how generous He was to lend you to us!!!