Thursday, September 9, 2010

PEI - Best B-Day Part V

The beginning of my second week, we packed up the car and took a girls-only trip to Prince Edward Island (sorry Tiff. I'll get you there someday). Camping for 2 nights. To get to the island we had to cross this really long bridge (that I later discovered cost a fortune to cross) but makes for a neat photo.

Confederation Bridge

Jillian plays Anne. She's perfect for the role!

It was sweet how she kept saying she wanted Anne to be real. The following was LMM thoughts on the reality of Anne.

One of my favorite photos ever. (Obviously a JD masterpiece)

I loved the feeling of writing at Green Gables. I only wish I had my actual journal to write it, but if that were the case I might have stayed there all day.

Green Gables House

This was taken on the grounds of the house LMM grew up in.

Shots of PEI Landscape

Campfire started with 1 kitchen match. Girl power! After yummy s'mores (mine with dark chocolate and peanut butter) we threw some magic flame into the fire. All three of us took a ton of photos of the flames. This is just one of my favorite ones.

Cow's Ice Cream. Number #1 in the world according to Reader's Digest.

Jillian found this cat in the house. With the hat... it was too adorable to resist.

After we finished touring the Cavendish area and the rest of the LMM locations, we headed to the capital of Charlottetown for a few hours. I didn't know what to expect, but as we entered the downtown area and it had a NY, Greenwich Village feel, I was excited to explore and enjoy.

A blue door

A rare capture of the camera-elusive JD.
And she's smiling!

After returning from the island, I spent one last day in St. John with the Zoo. Then JD and I hopped into the car and drove over 20 laughter-filled hours (over 2 days) back to Michigan. We enjoyed a few last days together. It was sad to see her go. Yes... I cried.
Since this is the year of So Much More.... this trip was more than I could have ever asked for. In so many ways, it grew me and changed me. It strengthened my faith. It taught me even more about myself and perhaps most importantly it made me believe in being beautiful and loved again.
Thank you again my friend for such an incredible blessing. And thank you to the rest of you who love me and encourage me. Thank you for sharing this experience with me thru these words and photos.

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