Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Kids - Best B-day Part II


This boy stole my heart. I couldn't help it. When he smiled, his whole faced beamed. And when I said something stupid and he said, "Oh, Tia" it made mine beam.

So thrilled...

Can you find the adult in this photo?

The blue converse are sacred. The mud must not get on the shoes.


My treasured Brandon moment was a late night when he said to his mom, "Tia needs to come home again so she can meet Sergei. This IS like her other home."

A first for both of us. It was so much fun.

My last day, the boys took me to the waterfall where you can jump off the side into the water. Except, I'm a little afraid of heights, so where they jumped from was quite a bit higher than I was willing to dare. But they were so sweet and encouraging and got me past my fears. This time with them was so fun.


This was taken in the Cavendish area of PEI where all things are Anne and Green Gables. The hat... not quite so flattering on me.


This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. Camping on PEI ended up being just us girls.

check out her expression

The crazy zoo! I fit right in.


JD said...

I love that now, when I get back home, the kids will understand how much you are loved, because you've left a life-long impression on their hearts too.

I loved your time with the kids.... such great memories all around.

You do fit right in at The Zoo!

Misty said...

I loved all of this... you deserved a beautiful celebration! I love you, my friend... and I think the Anne hat suits you fine!