Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Airplane Friends

Sometimes sitting by yourself on an airplane isn’t fun and usually I just keep to myself and bury my face in a book. I was supposed to be sitting next to my dad, but since my sister had missed her earlier flight and spent all day in the airport and got on our flight standby to fly the rest of the way home in the morning (deep breath) I agreed to take her seat alone and let her sit with my dad. I don’t know how or why I ended up explaining all this to you. Maybe we were just discussing the delays at the airport that seemed to have no reason. Then we continued on to talk about the trips we were headed home from and you even shared the snacks you had packed with me. I figured that part was God’s blessing for being willing to sit by myself. Anyways, thanks for ending a long, stressful day on a good note.

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