Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spazzy Mazzy

My first impression of you left me wanting to walk to the housing office and beg to be given a different room. But instead, I was simply grateful that you weren’t my roommate. You were loud, obnoxious, and suffocating just in the first half-hour and it didn’t seem to get any better from there. You appeared to have no consideration for anyone at all. I wanted to hide from you but it rarely worked. Over time… quite a bit of time actually… I began to feel differently about you. What I came to find out is that you have an amazing ability to love, despite it being over bearing at times. When no one else thought to help make sure the little things in my life were taken care of – you did. You made sure I knew that someone cared. You spent the night at the hospital with me looking over my mom (and even talked me into being a little silly and ride chairs down the hallway). So glad that the first impression wasn’t my last.

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