Saturday, September 17, 2011

Elementary School Love

Mr. Duffy… ahhh. I thought I loved you in 2nd grade. I already knew then that I would fall for smart guys. I know back then I might have journaled that I wanted to marry you, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t really know what I was saying. I really just wanted your attention and to please you. Having you encourage me just made me want to do even better. I’m sorry that I disappointed you when I brought in that fake note from my mom. I felt so embarrassed when you called me into the hallway to ask me about it and I lied, even though I knew you already knew the truth. I still remember how right before lunchtime you would always tell us a joke. Looking back now, they weren’t even good jokes. But I still remember how one day I figured out or already knew the punch line and so I said it. I figured you were extra proud of me that day. I hope you know what a great teacher you were.

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