Monday, September 19, 2011


Dear brave one,

You believe with such abandoned faith that even the darkest of circumstances don’t dampen your spirits. You live so sure of the Father’s love and good care, whereas I must continually struggle to push aside fears and doubts. While I crave control, you throw caution to the wind and follow the slightest whisper of Him who knows your every step regardless of the outcome and the chance you might look foolish. You aren’t afraid to try anything even if you might fail. Oh… how you love… you love with no concern for yourself, expecting nothing in return. Your love is open to blessings and hurt because you know the Healer will care for any wounds you may sustain. I wish I were more like you.

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JD said...

When the enemy drags me through his wicked House Of Mirrors, you always know just how to shatter the images he shows me and hold me up so that I'll see instead the reflection through the lens of His love.

The enemy doesn't give up, but God can outrun him, and so can we. So can we. We may run at our own pace, but the prize and the finish lines are the same -- Home.

You taught me - you taught me that heroes don't fly, they run -- takes one to know one, takes one to teach one. Keep running with me.