Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An ocean apart

Dear Gideon,

I hope you are happy and still pursuing your dream of becoming a doctor. I know how gifted and determined you were. I hope you are seeing and understanding more of God’s hand in your life. Your strength, mind and heart in His hands will accomplish many mighty miraculous things.

Last time I heard from you, you were possibly getting married but I couldn’t tell if it was something you really wanted or not. Either way, I pray you are content. I have no idea if you are still in the States or Cameroon. I think of you often, especially now as I am soon to be headed to West Africa, a place I thought I would have first visited with you. I pray your mother’s health is holding up and your sister’s baby is growing up healthy and well cared for. The season of friendship you gave me was truly a gift and I am thankful to God for crossing our paths and I pray he crosses them again someday.

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