Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missing you

Most of the people that I miss when I really start to think about it, I’ve moved on from. Even though I miss the memories and the time we’ve had, it doesn’t necessarily mean I want to see them and be a part of their life now. That isn’t the case with the two of you. Aaron and Abi, you are such a part of the fabric of who I became and my desire to someday be a mother.

In the years since you’ve no longer been a daily part of my life, you’ve grown up, found new talents and passions, and even struggled through some very hard things. Throughout the silent years, I missed you – I want you to know that and never doubt it. Every birthday I thought of you and on so many more occasions as well. Some days it even made me cry, but how do you explain the loss of children that aren’t really yours.

I’m glad for the chance to reconnect with you; for us to have another sunset date sharing memories while creating new ones, Abi. And to reach out and have you open up and share you heart with me, Aaron. Still, the physical distance and the circumstances of life won’t give me back the closeness I once had and always miss.

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Misty said...

this made me sad... I can relate... your first paragraph though, is so true. I didn't even realize it until I started this letter challenge, but it's so true.