Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day & Love

We jammed packed the weekend full of trips and fun things to do. We spent 11 hours in the car in 2 days, spent time with my sister and my friend, and managed to fit in an 8 mile run.

More photos can be seen here.

Day 1: Lake Michigan Road Trip

Day 2: Hartwick Pines Road Trip

Return of Rev Chuck Walla?

We are crazy. We're sisters so it's allowed.

Stephen and his body double

Lumberjacks are sexy

Fall colors starting

Day 3: Hanging out with the Sokos

We had steaks and salad, lots of laughs, good conversation, and even great music.

Day 4: Run around Kensington

I woke up a bit cranky, but after braving the cool temps and taking a caffeine pill, the run was great. It felt much faster having someone there along side me, to talk to and push me when I wanted to stop.

Then... the weekend was already over and it was time for a much needed nap!

Thank you Stephen for coming to spend some time with me. And thanks Tiff for being willing to drive down to spend the day with us.

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