Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anything Goes

Sometimes when I think about you, I forget that we even dated. Those few months were the ones we didn’t make sense in a many year friendship. Had we stayed friends and not attempted to make more of it, I wonder if we would still be friends today. Not that those months were bad. I just think they made us aware of certain things about ourselves and that we made better friends than lovers. As I think back now, I realize so many things I missed and should have picked up on; things I should have asked you about and acknowledged, but perhaps was too caught up in myself or still too immature to really notice. I am sorry if you ever felt let down by that – wishing I had read between the lines. Would things be different for you if I had? There are things I wish I had been more open about to; maybe I would have learned to trust sooner. We may not have been good lovers, but you taught me so much about love.

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