Saturday, September 10, 2011

Passport Through Darkness

Mrs. Smith, I recently was given your book to read and it altered me. It took a lot of courage to write your story and not take out the harder parts. You could have simply written about the journey that led you to the Sudan. You could have shared the mission journey you experienced being there and shared the stories of those who shared with you without ever delving into your personal struggles. Yet, you did share your experience with me as a reader. I want to have that kind of courage to share my story.

As I am preparing to travel to another country soon, your book reminded me that listening is the most important gift I can take with me. Everyone has a story and as we listen to others, the stories begin to intertwine into one story of humankind. I can’t explain what I felt reading, but by the end of the book I was different. I am inspired by your courage. Thank you for the gift of intertwining your story with mine.

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